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Your Industry Leading Partner For Advertising and Marketing Support

For over two decades, St. Louis-based LightFire Partners has served home improvement companies with lead management support utilizing cutting-edge technology and call center solutions.

Over 40 Years Experience

Cutting-edge Technology

Industry Leading Support

The Cost Of Not Managing Your Leads

We eliminate the daily headaches of managing your leads and marketing your business. Our solutions make financial sense and deliver bottomline results enabling you to do what you do best: delivery quality products and services to your customers. You are spending money on promoting your business, now let us turn those marketing dollars into valuable, sales-ready consumers.

Our Services

Our Services

We have developed a suite of services that are ideally suited, affordably priced, and deliver proven results for businesses in the home services industry. LightFire offers leading experts, deploys the latest technology and solutions to meet the demands of your budgets and to ensure your company is achieving its outcomes. We work very closely with your sales department, accounting department, and management team to tailor an account solution that serves the needs of all parties.

Lead Management

We manage millions of inquiries a month across multiple verticals to support B2C businesses throughout the United States.
For more than 30 years, our team of marketing experts have helped companies of all sizes achieve their sales and marketing objectives through solid teamwork, partnership and creativity. We take your aged data and convert them into
high-intent demos and sales.


The clients who have loved our warm transfer solution pleaded with us to expand our call center offerings. We listened and created an appointment setting service that meets the demands of today’s busy sales teams. Using our cloud-based calendar solution, we set appointments for individual sales reps and share calendars using a system that is easy, convenient, mobile-friendly.

Inbound Warm

We offer the highest transfer rates across multiple verticals. We contact your CPL-based leads with rapid speed and then maintain a proven followup schedule for those we can’t reach on the first attempt. Our friendly, passionate call center representatives aren’t your typical agents—they are familiar with the industry you serve and represent your business with the utmost professionalism.

Remarketing, Resets
and Rehash

Following up on old inquiries is an often overlooked opportunity! LightFire Partners offer pay-per-performance campaigns that produce results and eliminate the added work of follow up. Customized campaigns can boost sales and reach customers that are otherwise non responsive. We are experts in rehash, resets and old customer follow up in the home improvement space.

Verticals We Serve







Our Brands

LightFire Partners continually refines and enhances its approach to generating high-intent consumers for the verticals we serve. Today, the agency boasts more than a dozen online properties that support the needs of consumers and the businesses that serve them. The agency always maintains a focus on consumer support, integrity and compliance.

Our Brands

What Our Clients Say

“LightFire Partners has increased my sales exponentially because of their unique strategies in contacting my leads in rapid fashion and generating warm transfers and appointments for my sales team. For years, I spent money on traditional and online media ‘praying’ I’d get the results I needed; it was hit or miss. When I partnered with LightFire, they introduced me to their network of pay per performance providers and I’ve developed solid sales ever since. Their CRM and marketing tools allow me to focus on other aspects of my business.”

Jared Ball (owner),
Wildwood Roofing

"I’ve worked with many agencies over the years, but LightFire Partners gets it. From strategy to execution, they deliver for their clients, hold their media resources accountable, and do it all in a cool, collected manner consistent with veteran agency experts."

James Duband,

Genesis Partners

We have maintained a long-standing relationship with LightFire Partners and their services in managing our older records. They consistently produce enrollments on student inquiries we thought we had exhaustively worked. They are data-driven and provide valuable reporting.

Susan Backofen,

Vice President of Enrollment

Thomas University

Lightfire has been amazing to work with. In specific Wendy has always been very prompt and excellent to work with. They were able to help us maximize our conversion from Lead Created to Appointment Set. Before Lightfire a good amount of marketing dollars were simply going down the drain because of lack of resources and processes. For a very fair price they offer an excellent service and I highly recommend them.

Matt Crowel,

Greenify Energy Savers

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