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The Industry Leader In Education Advertising And Marketing Support

For more than three decades, the leadership team at LightFire Partners, and its subsidiary, Zu-USA, have been providing enrollment and student outreach services to colleges and universities throughout the US and Latin America. Our strengths are derived from operating on both sides of the agency/client fence…from chief marketing officers for major colleges and universities to direct response agency experts for schools of all sizes.

Over 30 Years Experience

Cutting Edge Technology

Industry Leading Support

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Our value proposition is simple: we deliver performance-based phone outreach to real-time and aged inquiries to provide added support to your inside admissions teams while increasing enrollments.

How It Works

You provide us with a file of aged student inquires.
(If you’re interested in us handling real-time inquiries, we easily connect your CRM with our system.)

Within 48-72 hours we build a custom outreach program utilizing a client-approved script.

After confirming the prospect’s interest and validating their information, we warm transfer enrollment-ready prospects to your enrollment advisors.

We would be happy to connect you with clients who utilize our services on a regular basis to identify interested students from their aged record databases. Our service consistently delivers new students to schools that have already attempted outreach but have moved on to newer inquiries.

Contact us today and learn about our various pricing models that provide a win-win-win strategy for you, us and the students deserving of your academic offerings.

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