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What Our
Clients Say

“LightFire Partners has increased my sales exponentially because of their unique strategies in contacting my leads in rapid fashion and generating warm transfers and appointments for my sales team. For years, I spent money on traditional and online media ‘praying’ I’d get the results I needed; it was hit or miss. When I partnered with LightFire, they introduced me to their network of pay per performance providers and I’ve developed solid sales ever since. Their CRM and marketing tools allow me to focus on other aspects of my business.”

Jared Ball (owner),
Wildwood Roofing

"I’ve worked with many agencies over the years, but LightFire Partners gets it. From strategy to execution, they deliver for their clients, hold their media resources accountable, and do it all in a cool, collected manner consistent with veteran agency experts."

James Duband,

Genesis Partners

We have maintained a long-standing relationship with LightFire Partners and their services in managing our older records. They consistently produce enrollments on student inquiries we thought we had exhaustively worked. They are data-driven and provide valuable reporting.

Susan Backofen,

Vice President of Enrollment

Thomas University

Lightfire has been amazing to work with. In specific Wendy has always been very prompt and excellent to work with. They were able to help us maximize our conversion from Lead Created to Appointment Set. Before Lightfire a good amount of marketing dollars were simply going down the drain because of lack of resources and processes. For a very fair price they offer an excellent service and I highly recommend them.

Matt Crowel,

Greenify Energy Savers

It’s nice to have a partner who understands education marketing and outreach. They are a go-to resource to complement our in-house enrollment teams when meeting our recruitment goals. Our campaign outcomes always exceed expectations.

Mark Mendoza,

EVP/Chief Operating Officer

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