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Raising the Roof On Revenue Through Better Lead Management

A large regional roofing client with multiple locations experienced a significant increase in performance after engaging us for an outbound dialing and warm transfer solution over a recent three-month period. This information was published by one of our affiliate partners who generated their inquiries and sent their leads to us to manage.


The company achieved a $1.3 million increase in sales from their historic baseline volume during that three-month period. LightFire charged $25,000 to handle their volume. This 50:1 ($1.3 million/$25k) return ratio in increased revenues cost them just 2% of their revenue growth during this time.

Fixing the Roof

Our Performance Guarantee

LightFire believes it needs to put skin in the game. That's why we offer performance-based pricing for accounts that ingest a high volume of new and/or aged leads per month. We do the work on the front end by qualifying prospects, getting them sales-ready for your products or services, then warm transferring them to your confirmation team for appointment setting. We offer special pricing options to choose from: per transfer, per appointment set by your team after our transfer, and demos conducted on prospects we managed. We work best by engaging your internal teams to ensure we’re delivering solid, pre-qualified prospects and they are making it through the sales process. This includes callbacks and resets (what we call “win-backs”) on the aged records assigned to us.

Contact us for details.


Grow Your National Network Of Installers With LightFire

LightFire Partners is an expert at helping national manufacturers and brands build their dealer networks, expand their footprint and drive exponential growth.


We helped one of our core clients establish their presence in the US by:


  • Building a custom CRM to manage their leads and route sales-ready consumers to their US and Canadian network of over 500 dealers

  • Conducting outbound dialing from our St. Louis-based contact center to all inbound posted leads and converting prospects into warm-transfers and appointments

  • Handling all follow-up on leads, including dealer and customer surveys via phone and email to ensure compliance with partnership agreements and to track ROI

  • Helping the company expand its dealer footprint by nearly 50% in North America and generate millions is additional revenue in just 2 years

Contact us today and learn about our various pricing models that provide a win-win-win strategy for you.

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